La Noël passée

Poet:  Traditional

Source:  Volume 2: France

Date of Composition:  1942 (Dec.)

Publication: Hawkes and Son, Ltd. 1946

Voice Difficulty Level: Moderate

Subject: An orphan beggar on Christmas eve

Range: F4 – G5

Tessitura: Bb4 – F5

Tempo: Allegretto con molto ritmo; 3/4

Duration: 02:50

Vocal Characteristics: Simple melody; sustained F5 on closed vowel in each verse

Piano Difficulty Level: Moderate

Accompaniment Characteristics: : Beginning of each verse both hands in bass clef; heavy accompaniment; quarter note outlining of chords in right hand

Additional Comments: Each verse has a minor and major section

© Nicholas Perna and Mandy Spivak 2013