The Plough Boy

Poet:  Traditional*

Source:  Volume 3: British Isles

Date of Composition:  1946 (pre. Feb. 21)

Publication: Boosey & Co., Ltd., 1947

Voice Difficulty Level:  Moderate

Subject:  A plough boy dreams of being a great man.

Range:  C4 – F5

Tessitura:  Bb4 – F5

Tempo: Quick and gay; 2/2

Duration:  02:03

Vocal Characteristics: Many phrases start on F5; Large descending leaps; bouncy melody; many leaps of thirds;

Piano Difficulty Level: Moderate

Accompaniment Characteristics: Quarter note chords throughout in either hand; whistle-like melody in the right hand

Additional Comments: Meter changes; Britten Thematic Catalog

© Nicholas Perna and Mandy Spivak 2013