Proud Songsters

Poet: Thomas Hardy (1840-1928)

Source:  Winter Words

Date of Composition:  1953 (Mar. – Sep.)

Publication: Boosey & Hawkes, 1953

Voice Difficulty Level: Moderately Difficult

Subject:  The birds sing on, though from dust they came.

Range:  F4 – G5

Tessitura:  C5 – F5

Tempo: Impetuous; 5/4

Duration:  1:01

Vocal Characteristics: High lying phrases; some chromaticism, but largely falls within the chord of the accompaniment;

Piano Difficulty Level:  Difficult

Accompaniment Characteristics: Fast triplet figures in the right hand with legato quarter note chords in the left hand; tremolo; rhythmic offsetting of motives; lengthy trills in both hands

Additional Comments: Manuscript does not include numerical tempo marking

© Nicholas Perna and Mandy Spivak 2013