Poet:  Edith Sitwell (1887-1964)

Source:  Three Songs from ‘The Heart of the Matter’

Date of Composition:  1956 (May)

Publication: Boosey & Hawkes, 1994

Voice Difficulty Level: Moderately Difficult

Subject:  An examination of humanity.

Range:  D4 – F#5

Tessitura:  A4 – C#5

Tempo: Quick and flowing

Duration:  01:12

Vocal Characteristics: Long arching legato phrases; no rests

Piano Difficulty Level:  Moderate

Accompaniment Characteristics: Flowing chords in contrary motion between hands in exact rhythm with vocal line;

Additional Comments: The cataloging of this piece as ‘Moderately Difficult’ was due to the added complexity of the poetic interpretation.  The vocal line could classify as ‘Moderate.’ The lack of meter adds to complexity. Breath marks indicated are Britten’s, in the manuscript they appear in the accompaniment

© Nicholas Perna and Mandy Spivak 2013