The Angel's Call

Poet:  Alfred Lord Tennyson (1802-1892)

Source:  12 Songs for the Mezzo-Soprano and Contralto Voice

Date of Composition:  c. 1922 (Nov.)

Publication: Home Songs 21 Kirkley Cliff Rd. Lowestoft; not available for performance

Voice Difficulty Level:  Moderately Easy

Subject:  Receiving comfort upon death

Range:  Ab3 – F5

Tessitura:  F4 – Ab4

Tempo:  Moderato; 4/4

Duration:  01:45

Vocal Characteristics: Easy rhythms; mostly step-wise, with a few unexpected leaps; short phrases; a few chromatic alterations

Piano Difficulty Level:  Easy

Accompaniment Characteristics:  Doubles vocal line melody; chordal; little sub-division; simple rhythms

Additional Comments: Although vocally, and musically easy, the text may suggest a more mature singer

© Nicholas Perna and Mandy Spivak 2013