The Road-Song of the Bandar-Log (Here we go off in a flung festoon)

Poet:  Rudyard Kipling (1869-1936)

Source:  12 Songs for the Mezzo-Soprano and Contralto Voice

Date of Composition:  1923

Publication: Home Songs 21 Kirkley Cliff Rd. Lowestoft; not available for performance

Voice Difficulty Level: Moderately Easy

Subject:  Animal song

Range:  D4 – F#5

Tessitura:  F#4 – D5

Tempo:  Allegro; 6/8

Duration:  01:30

Vocal Characteristics:  Written for mezzo-soprano, although seems to sit better for tenor or soprano with the Maj. 3rd approaches to F#5; lilting melody; descending lines; short phrases

Piano Difficulty Level:  Easy

Accompaniment Characteristics:  Chordal; strong rhythmic pulse; easily fits the hand

Additional Comments: Britten Thematic Catalog

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