Night covers up the rigid land

Poet: Wystan Hugh Auden (1907-1973)

Source:  Fish in the Unruffled Lakes

Date of Composition:  1937 (27 Oct.)

Publication: Fish in the Unruffled Lakes, Boosey & Hawkes, 1997

Voice Difficulty Level: Moderately Difficult

Subject:  Letting go of love.

Range:  C4 – G5

Tessitura:  G4 – Eb5

Tempo: Andante con moto; 6/8

Duration:  01:45

Vocal Characteristics: Four measure phrases; octave jumps; penultimate phrase sustains F#5 (Gb5) for five measures with text

Piano Difficulty Level:  Moderate

Accompaniment Characteristics: Repetitive dotted eighth chords; chromatic alterations; hands alternate tessitura in great leaps; descending eighth note passages in left hand

Additional Comments:  Britten Thematic Catalog

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