Sonetto XXIV (Spirto ben nato)

Poet:  Michelangelo Buonarroti

Source:  Michelangleo Sonnets

Date of Composition:  1940 (Oct. 30)

Publication: Boosey & Hawkes, 1943*

Voice Difficulty Level:  Moderately Difficult

Subject:  What can spare this beauty from death?

Range:  C4 – A5

Tessitura:  F#4 – D5

Tempo: Largo; 4/4

Duration:  03:33

Vocal Characteristics: Extended verses without accompaniment or with sparse accompaniment; upper register is at times full and at times voix mixte; expansive melody; 

Piano Difficulty Level: Difficult

Accompaniment Characteristics: Ascending linear octaves in the left hand throughout with chordal right hand; moments of sparse accompaniment;

Additional Comments: *Boosey score contains translations by Pears and Elizabeth Mayer

© Nicholas Perna and Mandy Spivak 2013