The Big Chariot

Poet:  from The Book of Songs

Source:  Songs from the Chinese

Date of Composition:  1957 (Autumn)

Publication: Songs from the Chinese, Boosey & Hawkes 1959

Voice Difficulty Level: Moderately Difficult

Subject:  Advising against anxiety and worry.

Range:  E4 – G5

Tessitura:  A4 – D5

Tempo:  Heavy; 2/2

Duration:  01:37

Vocal Characteristics: Rhythmically complex; moments of fast moving words; repetitive motives; chromatic

Guitar Difficulty Level: 

Accompaniment Characteristics:

Additional Comments: Manuscript does not include numerical marking of tempo; the manuscript lacks any marking of “in tempo;” mm. 19, the decrescendo is not indicated in the manuscript; markings in parenthesis of dynamic are not editor’s markings, but Britten’s; they do appear in the manuscript

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