Annotation Explained

Title: The song title.  For duplicate titles, the initials of the complete work are in parentheses.

Poet:  For many folksongs, an additional category of "Collector" is listed, if known.

Source: Larger work, cycle, or collection, if any.

Date of Composition:  Date of actual composition, rather than publication.

Publication: Company and edition used for analysis, if applicable.  

Voice Difficulty Level: See Voice Ability Levels

Subject:  Short poetic description.

Range:  Lowest printed note to highest printed note. Range notated as it appears regardless of octave for voice type.

Tessitura:  Area in which most of the singing lies.

Tempo:  The composer's indication and time signature at the beginning of the piece.

Duration:  The authors' timings.

Vocal Characteristics:  Any aspect of the vocal line that the authors found noteworthy.

Piano Difficulty Level:  See Piano Ability Levels

Accompaniment Characteristics: Description of basic accompaniment features.

Additional Comments: Any additional information that may be important in the selection of repertoire. Includes many links to additional information from the Britten Thematic Catalog

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