Poet:  William Soutar (1898-1943)

Source:  Who Are These Children?

Date of Composition:  1969 (Spring-Summer)

Publication: Faber Music, 1972

Voice Difficulty Level: Difficult

Subject:  The lives of those who have been killed carry into the present.

Range:  C4 – Ab5

Tessitura:  Ab4 – E5

Tempo: Broadly; 2/2

Duration:  02:34

Vocal Characteristics: High-lying phrases; complex, syncopated rhythms; entrance on Ab5; last phrase is an ascending E whole tone scale;

Piano Difficulty Level:  Difficult

Accompaniment Characteristics: Fast octave eighth-note duples, off-set by one eighth note between hands; jumpy range

Additional Comments: Britten Thematic Catalog

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