Poet:  Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891)

Source:  Les Illuminations

Date of Composition:  1939 (Oct. 9)

Publication: Boosey & Hawkes, 1944

Voice Difficulty Level: Difficult

Subject:  A descriptive scene of a parade of savages.

Range:  G3 – A5 (C#4 – A5)

Tessitura:  G4 – D5

Tempo: Alla marcia; 2/2

Duration:  02:50

Vocal Characteristics: Quick and wordy; ascending chromatic motion; octave leaps; full extent of vocal range; expansive full-bodied phrases alternate with syllabic, speech-like phrases;

Piano Difficulty Level:  Difficult

Accompaniment Characteristics: Piano reduction by the composer; running triplet figures in both hands in varying directions; tremolo; chromatic scales; right hand counter melody in octaves; rhythmic challenge

Additional Comments: Britten Thematic Catalog

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